The Memorial Wall offers the opportunity to honor a loved one with fibromyalgia or other chronic pain condition who has passed away. Everyone has a life story. The NFMCPA gives families and friends the ability to pay tribute to the life of the deceased person by telling her/his story and honoring her/his memory on the Memorial Wall. The addition of a photo and story to someone on the Memorial Wall requires a minimum donation of $100.00. To contribute to the Memorial Wall, please donate here.

In Memory of..

April Zink
Arlene Gendzwil Eddy
Bea E .Magie

Betty Jean Biles
Betty Joann Snyder
Briana Halpin
Burton J. Rab
Carmen Gloria Torres
Carrie Thomas
Christine Lubbehusen
Clara Romano
Claudia Stine
Connie Baker Greenberg
Eleanor Harris
Florence Oelker
Geneva Newkirk
Jaime C. Herbert

Judy Ornstein
Juliet Borges
Kanani Donahue

Laura Scalla

Lauren Keppenberger
Laurie Fessler
LuAnn Nail Swymer
Lynne Caswell
Madeline C. Martin

Margaret Mroz Swayhoover

Marla K. Taylor
Mary Elizabeth Lieber DiJorio
Melinda LaJaunie
Michael Corriere
Michele James
Mimi Spollanski

Muriel Rothenberg
Nicholas R. Albers
Peigi Swayhoover
Regina L Hamilton
Sandra Booth
Scott M. Henderson
Sharon Clarkson
Sheetal Patel
Teresa Sergeant
Theodore Albert Rees
Thomas Hennessy Jr.
Valerie Lynn Carter Thiele
Vivian Cooper


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