It was ironic when I came home today and found the Facebook post request for article submissions about pharmacies making decisions without medical histories or misjudgments. This was my "fibro adventure" for the day. After working my daily 9 hours as a School Psychologist, I left work 15 minutes early for my monthly doctor appointment to my pain physician of 1 year who is happens to be very knowledgeable, sympathetic, and cautious about DEA regulations. After a 45-minute drive home I stopped by my usual pharmacy to refill my monthly pain prescription which ran out today and can be filled at the same day each month. There are 2 pharmacists employed at this particular chain and both are well aware of my diagnoses. They are also aware that I never go to another pharmacy or doctor. I follow all the state rules & regulations in order to be able to work full-time and take care of my family.
Today was bad. Weather changes, hectic schedules, poor sleep, & 1.5 hour drives to go to the only doctor whom I trust to be accurate and knowledgeable. The pharmacist called me to the front and said "The DEA number is wrong and this is not a legal prescription". I was shocked, and retorted "I don't understand. It's the same doctor with the same prescription on a computer-generated prescription. Are you sure the numbers were punched in right here?". Apparently, this may have offended him that I dare suggest he made an error, and he acted smug as he just repeated "this number and prescription are not legal". He was almost smiling, which made me feel worse than I already felt. I hate being judged for having to take the pain medicine just to function through daily routines that used to be so effortless 10 years ago. The smugness of the pharmacist feels like a kick in the head when I already hurt so bad I can't think straight.
Needless to say, I've got to drive back to the doctor's office tomorrow the 1.5 hours all because the pharmacist seems to have inverted the numbers and wrongfully accused my doctor and I of having the wrong DEA number. I want to change pharmacies but now I'm afraid that it would look bad to do so. I'm thinking of changing to one of those independent pharmacies rather than a chain because they seem more personable and nonjudgmental. I know the regulations are the same but at least I won't have to deal with a side of misjudgments by people who have never walked a day in my own body.
The only good news is that I keep a tiny reserve of medication for emergencies, such as over regulation. How come the good people with real diseases and who strictly follow the laws always get the mistreatment? I doubt any of those who are misusing the medications even care about the laws and regulations.
Just my 2 cents after a long, tedious, overly regulated day in fibro-land. Peace!
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