Education and Support Groups

We have a directory of support groups across the United States.  We also have a growing number of support groups internationally, which can be found here. Only logged in and registered members can start a support group. You can register as a member here.

The NFMCPA has created the directory as a service to those living with FM and caregivers to assist them in finding the nearest community support group. The groups listed and those that will be developed are operated independently, and the NFMCPA is not responsible for the actions of the groups or their members. This information is not to be used to solicit for personal, financial or professional gain.  Our goal is to educate the community about groups and help people find support in their local areas. 

You may read the all the terms and conditions the NFMCPA requires of support groups in order to be on the directory here.

Our sincere thanks for the powerful volunteer work you offer to your community through your support group! Please email if you have any questions, comments, concerns, or requests for assistance.


Click here to find a Support Group near you!

Click here to find information about starting and leading support groups!

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