Leaders Against Pain



Leaders Against Pain


Leaders Against Pain (LAP) is a program customized for support group leaders and advocates. The multi-faceted program focuses on media, advocacy and leadership training.


LAP was created to address the following issues:

  • Improve fractured communication
  • The need to create a unified message and voice
  • General public still asking “Fibro-What?”
  • Medical community still classifying FM as waste-basket diagnosis

LAP Training Seminars provide support group leaders and patient advocates with a basic understanding of:

  • Creating awareness through the media
  • Conducting on-air interviews
  • Contacting print and electronic media outlets
  • Implementing the principles of public relations and messaging
  • Writing press releases and media alerts
  • Learning advocacy principles
  • Contacting policymakers at the local and national level
  • Learning techniques to mobilize their support group members and others in the pain and FM communities to bring about awareness and create change

Since 2005, 175 support group leaders have been trained as patient advocates through the Leaders Against Pain (LAP) program

  • Ability to communicate unified message on the needs of FM community
  • Trained in media and advocacy skills and knowing how to stay on message regarding FM and chronic pain issues
  • Willing to disseminate information and participate in contacting political officials through various communication channels
  • Increased number of media impressions and resulting increased awareness across the country and abroad on fibromyalgia as a chronic pain disorder
  • Quick response to legislative issues by forwarding information via the internet and chain calling
  • Increased participation in Annual Fibromyalgia Awareness Day May 12th activities around the world
  • 85% of the national leaders obtaining proclamations that proclaim May 12th as FM Awareness Day by federal representatives, state Governors and /or local officials

Leaders Against Pain 2005

2-Day training held in Costa Mesa, California
  • 2005 LAP Group PhotoFeatured workshops
  • Media relations overview
  • On-camera media interview training
  • Advocacy expert panel from leading organizations
  • Dr. Patrick Wood on groundbreaking FM research
  • Event featuring 1960’s Recording Artist and Rock-in-Roll Hall of Fame honoree Rosie Hamlin
  • Open Microphone - Participant Introductions
  • Special luncheon and Media Awards Presentation
  • NBC “Dateline” Producer Sandy Gleysteen
  • Newsweek writer Anne Underwood

45 Support group leaders and patient advocates from across the U.S. and Mexico


Leaders Against Pain 2006


One-day training held in conjunction with 4-day FAME 2006 Patient and CME conferences in Orange, California

  • Featured workshops
  • Media Overview
  • Advocacy expert on steps to impacting public policy
  • Local media panel (radio, news, magazine reporters)
  • Motivational Speakers Program
  • Celebrity spokesperson
  • AMICA Advocates Award Ceremony

65 Support group leaders and patient advocates from the U.S., Canada and England


Leaders Against Pain 2007


LAP 2007 Group Photo

In 2007, the program was expanded to include 25 international representatives for a total of 65 selected to participate in the 3rd Annual ILAP training. The winners were awarded a financial scholarship that provided them the opportunity to attend the MYOPAIN Society’s International Congress and participate in the 3rd Annual International Leaders Against Media, Leadership, and Advocacy Training Seminar in Washington DC (August 19-23, 2007) at the National Press Club at Capitol Hilton. The 25 international leaders came from the following countries:


Argentina Australia Canada
Colombia Costa Mesa England
France Ireland Netherlands
Portugal Puerto Rico Scotland
Spain Sweden Taiwan



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