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SleepBot was founded off a conversation Jane and Edison had one morning at 5am about how great it would be if they knew how much sleep they weren't getting. They realized that after having a second or third all-nighter, they'd lose count of how many hours they'd missed and still feel awful even after their schedules went back to normal.

After unsuccessfully searching for an easy way to track sleep, they created SleepBot Tracker Log, a simple app that anybody could use to log their hours. Since then, SleepBot's received overwhelming support from people who are just looking for easy tools to learn more about their sleep!

Everything you need for a good night's sleep.

SleepBot is a suite of tools that help you get the sleep you need.
1. Track your sleep on the mobile app.

2. Set alarms and create auto-settings to get the most out of your sleep.

3. View and share your stats online or from your phone!

>> Use SleepBot online to get comprehensive look at your sleep over time.

How does it work?
Tracking sleep isn't like counting calories. That's why SleepBot is designed with you in mind, and makes it easy to get the data without the hassle.

- When going to sleep, "punch-in" on your phone/online

- While "asleep," your phone will automatically silence, turn on airplane mode, turn off music, etc.

- If it takes you a while to fall asleep, create an offset to start tracking a few minutes later

- When your alarm goes off in the morning, SleepBot will automatically "punch out"

- You can use your phone/ interchangeably!
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