Together Walks

Together We Make a Difference! Join the 2016 Together Walks!

Grab a pair of walking shoes, roll up your sleeves, and meet others who want to make a difference.  It’s time to make fibromyalgia (FM) visible in your community! The NFMCPA has joined forces with passionate Leaders Against Pain and local organizations across the U.S. to launch TOGETHER WALKS in 2016 to raise FM awareness and research funding.  Passionate Leaders Against Pain have already taken the lead for 2016 in Richmond, Louisville, Central Florida, Coral Springs, and a Virtual Online Walk. Register for a Together Walk near you at or learn more at Your voice matters in changing how fibromyalgia is perceived, treated, and researched.  Simply invite your family, friends, neighbors, colleagues, along with health and elected officials to come stroll, walk, learn, meet others, and support funding for fibromyalgia research at the Together Walks.

Experienced Leaders Against Pain or local representatives partner with the NFMCPA to organize, promote and carry out the details of each Together Walk.  Volunteers  from local FM and chronic pain support groups, together with churches, schools, colleges, and other nonprofit organizations will work together to implement a successful and educational event. Interested in volunteering for a local Together Walk? Visit to get involved!

How do you answer a 13-year old’s questions about his hopes for the future after being diagnosed with FM?  What happens in the homes of parents with FM who cannot participate in taking care of their family?  When will better treatments and a cure for this disabling disorder be found?

Through research/innovation seed funding raised at Together Walks, new exploration in areas such as small fiber neuropathy, cervical cord compression, and myofascial release may bring promising new treatments.

The walks will feature live music, health vendor expos and educational and inspirational FM programs. Participants will receive an event t-shirt and educational materials about FM.

TOGETHER WE MAKE A DIFFERENCE!  Come stroll, stand, roll or walk 1K/5K with us! Do what you can, and be creative if you are unable to walk. Together, we can drive awareness, advance research into FM by raising funds, and create a world where people have access to the treatment they need. Your Voice Matters.

Join the fun and help make chronic pain illnesses visible today! Visit to register or start a fundraising team. We can’t wait to walk with you!

Can you imagine what can be done together when there is a walk in every state and across the globe?

If you are interested in hosting a Together Walk in 2017, please contact the NFMCPA at
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