Terms and Conditions - Support Groups

Terms and Conditions for NFMCPA Support Group Directory

As the support group leader, I understand that All my information posted is available publicly, and I accept all responsibility for my group’s listing in the NFMCPA Support Group Directory and will ensure that the information is updated and accurate.

I will also ensure that all information, documents, pictures, notices and links posted on our support group directory page do not contain obscene or offensive language or images and do not give medical advice.

I understand that our directory page can not be used for financial gain, the selling of goods and services, or be linked to commercial websites.

I understand that the Support Group Directory is designed to assist patients and their caregivers in finding a local support group and also serves as a way to share information with group members.

The NFMCPA reserves the right to remove any content that we deem unsuitable for the Support Group Directory or violates the above.