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Your-Voice-Matters-for-Hydrocodone-survey-420x658In coordination with other key leadership organizations, we are developing a patient research network to start filling some of the evidence voids and to change some of the policies that are coming down as a result of not having good evidence available to inform the policymakers.  Issues that need to be assessed and utilized in policy making include:  

        1) how quality of life is affected by long-term use of opioid medications;
        2) the personal impact of less access to pain care and medications; and
        3) the effect of stigmatization on this vulnerable population.


The NFMCPA is leading this initiative and building it now.  One unified cast of thousands can effectively coalesce the evidence of everyday experience of living with a chronic pain condition.  That evidence includes demonstrating unnecessary suffering from the unintended consequences of uninformed policy decisions.   Everyone is welcome.  It's about getting the evidence.  We want no barriers to entry.  Everybody is able to help.  The goal is to develop processes and surveys that protect patients, but are also designed to get good quality clinical evidence from them because they know what their experiences have been. 

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