Christine Trudelle

I recently went to fill my script for my usual Pain medication at Walgreen's in which is an opiod and was told they no longer carried my medication . I asked are you sure because I always fill it here, the pharmacist then responded " Well we don't have any in stock and have no idea when we will be getting anymore . I then called CvS I received the same response. I then called my pain doctors office and explained the issue with his assistant . She decided she would make some calls to see if she could find a pharmacy to fill it. Well it took her several attempts but she did find a pharmacy to fill it at Rite Aid they they were so wonderful when I went to fill the script and spoke to me with respect and dignity and I had all my scripts transferred to them. But , I need to explain it wasn't just the point that they would not fill this prescription it was how myself and my doctors assistant was spoken to. Every place we called the pharm tech
or pharmacist were extremely rude, they treated our calls as if we were some junkie drug addict looking for a fix they never once apologized for any inconvenience for not having the med and never asked if they could help us by calling another one of their pharmacies to see if they had any in their supply. I felt disrespected and so, didn't the doctors assistant. I am a fibromyalgia & Chronic Pain sufferer and I get up everyday go to work and put my pants on one leg at a time just like everyone else.
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