NFMCPA Announces Partnership with Sharecare


The NFMCPA is Proud to Announce Partnership with Sharecare

as its Fibromyalgia & Chronic Pain Expert Organization

Created by WebMD founder Jeff Arnold and nationally recognized cardiologist and Emmy award‐winning TV personality Dr. Mehmet Oz, Sharecare Inc. was launched in October 2010 to transform and simplify the online health experience for consumers, caregivers, medical and wellness experts, and providers. Sharecare allows people to ask, learn and act upon questions of health and wellness, creating an active community where knowledge is shared and put into practice—simply said, sharing care. In the last three years, the company has established over 150 meaningful partnerships with the leading associations in healthcare, ranging from the American Cancer Society to the CDC, Johns Hopkins to the American Red Cross.

Sharecare’s digital engagement platform empowers people to take control of their health by leveraging data to connect users with personalized resources including high-quality information from experts, clinical decision support tools, interactive programs and local healthcare providers. The power behind Sharecare is its scientifically‐based health risk assessment, the RealAge® Test, taken by more than 35M people, and validated in peer‐reviewed journal PLOS ONE as a more accurate predictor of mortality than calendar age and the Framingham Risk Score.

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Summary of Sharecare Highlights
•    Sharecare was launched in October 2010 by Jeff Arnold and Dr. Mehmet Oz to improve healthcare outcomes and lower health costs by marrying digital media and information technology.
•    Sharecare is one of the fastest growing online social health networks with over 21M visits and nearly 100M page views per month.
•    In only three years, the Sharecare network has attracted over 12.5M registered users and more than 8M social followers – impressive metrics versus other healthcare social media sites.
•    Sharecare is has one of the most extensive privately‐owned databases of provider and consumer health data; 1B emails delivered annually to a database of consumers seeking health information with over 4B health facts.
•    Sharecare welcomes NFMCPA as our new partner representing fibromyalgia and chronic pain conditions.
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