Sharecare AskMD APP of the Month

Cost: Free

Powered by Sharecare’s clinical informatics systems and diagnostic tools this free app is part of a wellness program.  AskMD guides users through a 
personalized pre‐encounter questionnaire 
that delivers just‐in‐time evidence‐based 
decision support, taking into account all their symptoms and other factors, like 
medications and known conditions, and matches their answers against the latest clinical research, providing users with results that actually are relevant to them. After a user completes the questionnaire, AskMD arms them with a summary of their results and relevant details that they can share with their physician. The questionnaires and guidance in AskMD are regularly peer‐reviewed, and based on the same sources and data that most physicians use for directing care, including major textbooks, case reports, evidence‐based reviews and systematic guidelines.

Visit the Apple Store and search for “AskMD” to locate this free app or follow this link to download now.

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