Fibromyalgia Research Week 2014

You Asked, and We Listened!

Announcing Fibromyalgia Research Week
August 6-13, 2014
In March 2014 the NFMCPA conducted a Community Needs Survey.  Over 1700 people responded, and the results helped inform the NFMCPA team on how to better meet the needs of the people they serve. 
Top requests were:  (1) more research information, including where to participate in studies; and (2) more reports about scientific studies and their outcomes.  In response, the new section called "News from the Research Front" was added to the NFMCPA Advocate Voice Newsletter where at least three research studies are reviewed monthly.  We encourage readers to visit the NFMCPA website to learn about other research not listed on, such as surveys and the "Light Sensitivity in FM" study where Dr. Kim Jones of OHSU is currently asking for personal videos from NFMCPA constituents to help with her research.
In this context we are excited to announce Fibromyalgia Research Week, August 6-13, 2014, a new NFMCPA program that offers more FM and chronic pain scientific information.  This includes new research proposals that the NFMCPA has been asked to help with, how and where to volunteer for those studies, information about researchers and their unique areas of study and the outcomes. The NFMCPA will continue to update visitors to the website  and readers of both the Advocate Voice Newsletter and Fibromyalgia & Chronic Pain LIFE magazine about research/study announcements and resulting published research articles. 
Click here to learn about participating in research, surveys, and recent research outcomes. 

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