Standing Up for Herself: LoriLane's Pain Story

"I am standing up for myself and also others who legitimately need pain meds."

family-in-autumn-forest-no-bkgd-400x313"I am in too much pain to type my whole story because I have been 14 days without pain medications and have at least 4 to 5 days to go. Please pray for strength for me and all who are legitimately in pain. After being disabled by an injury, pain medications allowed me to be a productive, decent "human being" by volunteering as a coach and raising awareness for Special Olympics of Southern Nevada plus helping a couple of days weekly in a food ministry.

Now I am being treated as a "degenerate" who does not qualify for any quality of life! Right now I am in extreme pain and pretty much lying down for the majority of my day, can't drive, can't eat because of pain and can't really do anything. Denying people access to pain medications is such a travesty to so many and is so wrong even in the eyes of our Forefathers, especially Thomas Jefferson. His quote stands out to me in this time of unnecessary suffering:

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and pursuit of Happiness..."

For the first time I am standing up for myself and also others who legitimately need pain meds and do not abuse them or the system. Patients and doctors are held accountable. Who is holding the pharmacies accountable when you try to fill your pain medication prescription, and they say "We are out, sorry!" Pharmacies say it's because of the DEA, and the DEA is saying it's the fault of the pharmacies when prescriptions are not filled. We trusted them not to cause harm or injury.

After my prescription was not filled, I was so determined and strong-minded and thought ok--I will do this. Maybe I will come out the other side never having to take one more pain pill and show them all! Yet after 14 days I went from that point of view to looking in the mirror and only seeing the impact on my body and mind from being in continual non-stop pain! The toll it is taking on my whole family for that matter, because I went from being independent on meds to being dependent and having to ask for their help. They've always seen nothing but strength and determination from me. Trust me, no one wanted more to come out the other side of this than ME, but this is my reality.

People with chronic pain are already struggling. I need quality of life and to be able to be as proactive and productive as I CAN! Do not take away our dignity, independence and little bit of hope for a half-decent life in our battle against chronic ­pain! It's not humane! DO NOT TAKE THAT AWAY FROM US!!!"

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(The NFMCPA thanks LoriLane for sharing her story.  She is not alone.  If you would like to share your experiences, story, or journey with fibromyalgia or a chronic pain condition, please send your comments to us at

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