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Therapeutic Riding

I’ve been a rider at Hoofbeats Therapeutic Riding Center since 2003. I got started riding as my exercise for...[view]


Canine Companions Impact FM

Nancy Gordon has no trouble remembering her first encounter with a Mexican hairless dog, a Xoloitzcuintli...[view]


When Hope Has Fur
Usually I’m a news person. I like to keep up on current events and typically I check news websites a few...[view]



In this amazing and often painful journey we call “life,” many of us relentlessly strive for release from our pain...[view]


My Life as a Dog Artist

Every dog owner has a story, a nail-biting thriller or legend, of how cosmic events tumbled into place and the...[view]


Fear Less, Live More

Before I developed fibromyalgia I had energy to spare: I worked full time, served on my church board, was a...[view]


Life with a Service Dog: A Dual Perspective

I have been training Service dogs for the past ten years. This has been a rewarding adventure, but is not one...[view]


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