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Tips and Tricks

Even the simplest tasks can pose a challenge to people with FM. The good news is there are countless...[view]


Adaptive Techniques & Devices

As fibromyalgia affects the whole body it makes a wide range of tasks rather difficult to carry out, causing...[view]


Information, Support, and Encouragement

The internet is full of useful resources, but often they are so well hidden among the many millions of web...[view]


Household Tips

Everyone loves a shortcut—but for people with FM, shortcuts can mean the difference between a great day...[view]


Managing Everyday Tasks Successfully

The symptoms of fibromyalgia offer myriad challenges when it comes to coping with everyday tasks like...[view]


More Tried and True Tips

Earlier this year, we released an issue of FMOnline that focused on everyday tasks and how you can...[view]


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