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Experiencing Fibro-Fog?  - Need Help?  Try this: The Fit Brains Trainer App

Fit-Brains-TrainerThe Fit Brains Trainer is a brain training and fitness app.  Fibro-fog can be so frustrating for people when it problems interrupts concentration and attention; especially when they have never experienced these problems in the past. Technology is helping people with cognitive issues by creating fun, innovative games that can help the brain work better and even faster.  
The Fit Brains Trainer is just one of many such apps that you can find in the Apple Store.  It only takes a few minutes playing these fun games each day to start making a difference. It is a brain training and fitness app with more than 360 games and unique training sessions that are designed to enhance your brains memory power, processing speed, problem solving and visual skills.  
As a warning, please do not get discouraged when you try one of these apps because you may be disappointed in your first brain function assessment scores. Just give yourself time and remember these games are not races they are marathons and your brain is in training! It will make you feel better to see your scores improve over time and it will help you build confidence in your ability to fight fibro-fog!
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